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Gods of Metal: Ragnarock

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Have you ever imagined a world outside of your boring everyday life? One filled with powerful magic, epic fantasy and, sure okay, some dragons too?

Have you ever found yourself sitting in your parent’s basement listening to ear-bursting, wall shaking, loud music, wishing for action and excitement?

Did you spend hours at the newsstand reading magazines, filled with blood, glory, and metal mayhem, wanting to live in those pages? Can you imagine a heavy metal fantasy where YOU are the hero, fighting against the endless horde of monsters and foes?


  • Ragnarock is unlike any Standard Fantasy Game™. Your character lives between the world of Mundania, and the realm of Ragnarock. Rise from the endless drudgery of your everyday world and begin your adventure as a DEMIGOD! Face your destiny as you quest for glory in the name of the 6 Gods of Metal!
  • Form your Band, work together, and embark on face-melting, brutal adventures in an Epic Heavy Metal Fantasy world!
  • Featuring 6 different ‘Tones’, and 6 different ‘Positions’, with which you’ll unlock mighty Power Moves, and create epic Anthems based on the adventures you tell!
  • Give the powerful D4, the deadliest and most pointy of all dice, it’s time in the Godlight - as this system uses them exclusively.
  • Featuring eye-popping interior art that is worthy of any album cover!

Book Summary:

  • Full Color, Hardcover Book
  • Ages: 16-1000