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Wreckland Run

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  • Wreckland Run Sleeves

    Solo Hero Series

    Wreckland Run Sleeves

    £14.40 (Inc. Tax)
    £12.00 (Ex. Tax)

    With 235 sleeves (measuring 45 x 68 mm) in 3 different designs you'll have plenty of sleeves for both Wreckland Run and the expansion. Contains: 85 Part Sleeves (Blue) 95 Enemy Sleeves (Red) 55 Common Sleeves (Black)

  • Wreckland Run Playmat

    Solo Hero Series

    Wreckland Run Playmat

    £20.40 (Inc. Tax)
    £17.00 (Ex. Tax)

    Take your Wreckland Run gameplay to the next level with the Renegade Exclusive playmat. This high qualify playmat measures 450mm x 450mm and has stiched edges.

  • Wreckland Run Fallout Expansion Cover 3D

    Solo Hero Series

    Wreckland Run Fallout Expansion

    £28.80 (Inc. Tax)
    £24.00 (Ex. Tax)

    Welcome back to the Wreckland. You’ve made quite a name for yourself on your past runs, but there is always room for growth and new threats appear from out o fthe wastes every day. These new enemies are bringing new TOXIC weapons into play, sure to...

  • Wreckland Run 3D Box

    Solo Hero Series

    Wreckland Run

    £31.20 (Inc. Tax)
    £26.00 (Ex. Tax)

    Download the rulebook here. Read the Wreckland Run FAQ here. You hear engines in the distance as you strap the last of your supplies onto your vehicle. The supplies are yours now, stolen from the bad tribe in hopes to get them to the helpless strongholds...