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Axis & Allies: North Africa PRE-ORDER

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Pre-order now for a September 2024 release!

The fighting in North Africa was unlike any other in World War II. Now you will command the forces of either the Axis (Germany and Italy) or the Allies (the United Kingdom and, eventually, the United States) in a campaign that may again capture the imagination of the entire world. Intercept enemy convoys headed to the ports of North Africa… while protecting your own. Prove your logistical prowess by keeping your forces supplied. But most of all, show your ingenuity as a general and you may change the course of history and ultimately gain the respect of your opponents.

Download the rules for Axis & Allies: North Africa here.


  • Contains two scenarios: Rommel’s Last Push and Operation Torch
  • Over 250+ plastic miniatures!
  • Intercept enemy convoys headed to the ports of North Africa while protecting your own.
  • Includes 6 new units: SdKfz 231, Panzer IV Tank, 6-pounder AT Gun, CMP Truck, SOMUA S35 Tank, and LRDG Jeep.


  • 2 Game Boards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Round Tracking Token
  • 48 National Control Markers
  • 40 Supply Token Arrow
  • 15 Supply Tokens
  • 15 Sea Mine Tokens
  • 20 Landmine Tokens
  • 4 Setup Instruction Tokens
  • 2 Unit Cost Charts
  • 41 USA Plastic Minis
  • 11 French Plastic Minis
  • 71 UK Plastic Minis
  • 58 German Plastic Minis
  • 46 Italy Plastic Minis
  • 31 Spare Minis
  • 65 Plastic Mini Chips
  • 8 D10 Dice
  • 3 Resealable Plastic Bags

At a Glance

  • For Ages: 12+
  • Game Type: Strategy
  • Players: 2-4
  • Game Length: 3-5 Hours

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